Report Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct reports contain allegations of violations within the Code of Academic Integrity. The reports may include, but are not limited to, behaviors such as cheating or plagiarism. General classroom misbehavior is considered non-academic and should be reported under non-academic misconduct. 

Report Non-Academic Behavior

Non-academic behavior encompasses allegations of violations within the Code of Student Responsibility or issues of conflict and harm. The reports may include, but are not limited to, behaviors such as use of alcohol or drugs, disorderly conduct, hazing, harassment, physical violence, or other violations of university policies, regulations, or rules.

Report Care and Concern for an Individual

Concerning behavior encompasses a broad range of actions and/or observations, including but not limited to: mental health concerns/issues; inappropriate display of anger or emotion; suicide ideation or attempt; significant changes in appearance, hygiene, or behavior; and housing/food insecurity. If the student of concern you are referring poses an immediate threat to self or others, please call 911 or UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety at 704‑687‑2200.

Report Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct

Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct includes a broad range of behavior that is not tolerated in the University community including: sexual and gender-based harassment, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, and related retaliation. 

Report Bias-Related Incidents

In fulling its mission, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte envisions a University that promises a robust intellectual environment that values social and cultural diversity, free expression, collegiality, integrity, and mutual respect. Students who have experienced a bias-related incident, or who have witnessed a bias-related incident, may report the incident to the Bias Advisory Resource Team (BART). BART provides support to students adversely impacted by those experiences and connects them to resources on campus.

Report a Grievance

UNC Charlotte is committed to fostering mutual respect among all members of the University community. If a student has any issue or concern regarding the living and learning environment or established policies at UNC Charlotte, they can submit a Student Grievance Report. Students are encouraged to read more information about Student Grievances and things to keep in mind if they are considering submitting a report.

Report of Discrimination or Discriminatory Harassment (including Sexual Harassment) by or against University Employees

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to report behavior they perceive as in violation of University policies in relation to discrimination and discriminatory harassment (including sexual harassment) as outlined in University Policies 501, 502, 504, and 101.3.

Not sure how to categorize what you have observed or experienced? Contact the Dean of Students Office at 704‑687‑0345 for assistance.